We Sing Pop review

It seems like only yesterday that I was playing We Sing Rock. Although not a fan of this type of game, I gave it a pretty good score for the fact that I actually had a good laugh playing it. Plus it had the Offspring in it. Now a new Pop-only version has arrived which has no guitars, no hairy men and no Pretty Fly for a White Guy. Will this version keep me as entertained or will it send me GaGa?

Sadly, the closest this game gets to my sort of music is Coldplay, which is a horrible thing. The game contains  a selection of pop music hits from the last 60 years, to keep people happy. The idea is to sing in time and in tune with the lyrics of each song. Hit the wrong note and your score will plummet and you will look a fool.

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The tracks on offer are mainly very recent releases, with only a handful going back the 70’sand 80’s. I preferred the oldies though, the fantastic Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper being the highlight. There are some truly horrible tracks, which will no doubt be the most popular by the youngsters and girls who buy the game. MMMbop by Hanson being the worst, closely followed by Ice Ice Baby. It’s as if the developers took all of the notoriously bad 90’s tracks and threw them in for giggles. However, this may seem bad, but after a couple of beers and some Dutch courage, the game is actually really fun with others.

The single player has a large variety of modes. Most are from the older games, but there are new modes thrown in. There is a singing lesson mode on offer, so you can hone those skills without the cost of a tutor! The multiplayer is where it’s at. Plug in 4 microphones and get yourself some pals and compete. Families and youngsters will lap this up, but even grown lads won’t be able to resist singing to Lady Gaga, even if just to watch her strip off… When I played the game at a recent press event, I had a go of the Killers classic Sam’s Town. I thought it would be horrible, but was a great laugh and I didn’t sound too bad, despite the odd glass shattering…

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Graphically, the game is as you would expect. The menus are bright and sparkling, with lots of bouncy text and pop colours. The videos themselves aren’t the best quality, but they do their job well on the ageing Wii. The on-screen icons and displayed karaoke text is crisp and easily readable. Sound wise, it’s a hard one to call. I hate this sort of music, while fans will think it the best soundtrack ever. There are some good tracks, such as Sam’s Town and Hey Ya! by Outkast. Also check out Wretch 32’s Unorthadox, a great track, plus my fiancée is in the video!

We Sing Pop is like Marmite. Gamers will loathe yet another singing title, fans and young newcomers will love it. This is perfect for families and is suited to Wii perfectly. I would have liked some more 80’s tracks, such as Adam Ant and Billy Idol to go with Cyndi, but hey, there’s always hope for any upcoming games.

Singing alone can be dull, but ace with mates and beer
Simple effects and OK videos
Some OK tracks, some awful
6Final Score


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