Puzzle Chronicles Competition Winner

First off, thank you to all who participated, we hope you enjoy these contests and have some fun in coming up with your entries. Remember, with more commenting on the site, the site becomes more reputable, and we can get you more codes to give away, so keep that in mind. We went with a slightly different method in choosing the winner this time - using we first picked the page number of the winning comment, which was page 7, next up told us the #2 comment was the winner, so a big congratulations goes out to "Bob" and his…
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After Burner Climax Review

SEGA originally released After Burner to arcades in 1987, followed by After Burner II almost immediately afterward. Now, SEGA is at full throttle with the release of After Burner Climax on Xbox LIVE and the Playstation Network. If you're a fan of arcade shooters, find out why you should take off to the LIVE marketplace at Mach 7 and pull the trigger on this title. (more…)
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Indie Games

Olu Review

Developed by Red Button Games, the cyber rhythm-shooter Olu is now part of the Xbox LIVE Indie scene, mimicking the legendary Rez HD on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Does it stay in tune with the best of them? Read on to learn more about Olu, and find out if it's one you should own. (more…)
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