Dying Light: The Following Review

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Dying Light remains to be one of the most impressive games that I’ve played in recent years. It’s basically the love child of Mirror’s Edge and Dead Island, with a lot of added-in polish to truly make it shine.

Street Fighter V – The Review

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Street Fighter V has launched, and this time around it’s got console exclusivity attached to the PlayStation 4, but should the Xbox One users actually be jealous?

Review: Submerged

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Last week I managed to get my hands on a copy of Submerged. Submerged is a new Indie game by Uppercut Games. It’s the first console game to come from the studio and I was curious to see what…

Quick Look – 3D Realms Anthology – Steam Edition

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I had the chance to sit down with the 3D Realms Anthology on Steam this week. Is it worth taking a look at? That depends on your age and/or what type of games you’re into. This particular collection of…

Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas Review

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Originally a mobile game, Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas now makes its way to Steam.

Shadow of Mordor: Fan-Inspired Trailer

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A new trailer for Shadow of Mordor to say thanks to the community.

Randal’s Monday Review

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Randal’s Monday is a traditional point and click adventure game by new developers Nexus Games Studios.  Add in a ton of pop culture references and a few cult Clerks characters and you have a classic right?

REVIEW: Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers

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Magic 2015 is here and things have changed when compared to its predecessors. Stainless Games has made a few changes and innovations, but it’s not really what we were hoping to see in some areas of the game.

Vertical Drop Heroes HD review

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Vertical Drop Heroes can originally be found on Kongregate as the developers, Nerdooks, most popular flash game with over two million plays! In its update to a full PC game it has undergone a variety of changes and improvements.

REVIEW – Battle Fleet 2 (iOS)

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I’ve spent a few hours with a new iOS game this week called Battle Fleet 2, and it’s been an interesting experience, but also a challenging one. Developed by Capital j Media, Battle Fleet 2 is a wargame that…

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