Review: Torchlight II [Buy now, read later.]

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Torchlight is a game that most if not all PC gamers should know by now. In fact it’s a name that even a good chunk of console gamers will recognize – it’s just that great of a game. But…

Lord of the Rings: War in the North Review

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The Lord of the Rings franchise has been rather dormant on consoles in the last year or so. Snowblind have attempted to rekindle life in the franchise with a grittier take on the novel. Is it a welcome to…

Worms: Ultimate Mayhem Review

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It’s been 16 years since the release of the original Worms, and it’s fair to say that Team 17’s continued development has brought the franchise a long way from its roots. More recent adaptations include online multiplayer, and an…

Review: SteelSeries SENSEI Pro Grade Laser Mouse

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A surprise package arrived from SteelSeries last week, and inside we found their new Sensei Pro Grade Laser Mouse.  I’ve been a Logitech user all my life, but I’ve had a little over a week with the Sensei and…

Men of War: Vietnam Review

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Men of War: Vietnam is a real-time tactical game set during the horrific war in 1968. Taking on the social impression of the war, the game features guerrilla fighting, napalm strikes and hard rock-n-roll.

Review: Dead Island

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Deep Silver and Techland have been hyping up Dead Island for quite some time now. Finally the zombie-slaying adventure is here – but is it just another zombie game or has Techland managed to change things for the better?…

Beat Hazard Ultra Review

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Beat Hazard Ultra, an add-on for the hit shooter Beat Hazard, hit the Steam storefront last week. As you may remember I’m quite a fan of the Xbox LIVE Indie version of Beat Hazard for which you can read…

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