TIC: Part 1 Review

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We have deviated from our new style of reviewing Xbox LIVE Indie Games via the “Indie Zone” episodes, this is a very special occasion as the team at Red Candy Games has astonished us from the beginning to the…

TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon Review

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It’s been about a year since High Moon Studios brought us TRANSFORMERS: War for Cybertron and it was arguably the best the game released featuring the brand name. Last week the official sequel, TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon arrived…

The Indie Zone – Episode 7

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This episode of the Indie Zone has reviews for Battle For Venga Islands, Hoardzz and The Last Pod Fighter.

Dungeon Siege 3 Review

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Gear up ladies and gentlemen, it is time for more dungeon exploring in our review of Square Enix’s third game in the Dungeon Siege series!

Trenched (Iron Brigade) Review

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Trenched hits Xbox LIVE Arcade this week from Double Fine and we’ve had some solid time to play with it and see what it’s all about. Tower defense + shooter; add in some Starship Troopers-like enemies and you’ve got…

Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 Review

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Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers is one of the most popular and highly rated titles on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network. It’s no surprise that Stainless Games wanted to take advantage of this with a full…

Review: The Adventures of Shuggy

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The Adventures of Shuggy is the newest, and first Xbox LIVE arcade title from Smudged Cat Games whom is better known for their Xbox LIVE indie games such as Timeslip, The Tower, and A Bomb’s Way. Once…

The Indie Zone – Episode 6

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Reviews for Swamp Defense, TrickOrTreat and AppsPack, news on an OSR Unhinged update and trailers for Dragons vs Spaceships and Fatal Seduction are in this episode of The Indie Zone.

The Indie Zone – Episode 5

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Reviews for I Accidentally In Space Episode 1, CTG, CEPINAS and Shield The Beat as well as some news on TIC:Part 1 are in this episode of the Indie Zone.

The Indie Zone – Episode 4

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This weeks XBLIG Indie Zone has reviews for Star Dash, Dirchie Kart, Googly-Eyed Splitters and Love Hurts, as well as previews for Fluffy: Operation Overkill and Perkunas’ Dragon.

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