Avatar Bowman 2 Review

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Gather ye bows and arrows and prepare for a shoot out, medieval style!

Plants Vs Zombies Review

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Get over to the potting shed and arm yourself with the latest in weaponised shrubbery! Your home is under attack and we will show you how to deal with those hungry zombies.

Breeze Review

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Indie games recently seem to have been released a dime a dozen. While most of these are usually not worth the dollar that they cost, there are a few that deserve to be put on a pedestal. Rarely do…

Old School Racer Review

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Anyone familiar with Trials HD should look no further than Riddlersoft’s Old School Racer, it has Trials’ creative charm mixed with a retro feel. Riddlersoft has created one hell of a ride with Old School Racer leaving no cause…

Jump‘n Bounce Review

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DeRail Games Jump‘n Bounce invades the Indie Marketplace with corky charm and retro yet innovative game play. Some games are an easy feat and provide no difficulty for the player, while other games are impossibly hard as these games…

Acid Rain Review

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There a lot of games on the marketplace, most of them are copies of others, every now and then you get a completely new type of game. PermaFrost Gaming’s new title Acid Rain is a survival action adventure game…

Mafia II Review

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You play the role of Vito Scaletta, a young Italian who has grown up in the world of crime and was eventually arrested and sent to fight in World War 2. After a brief stint in Italy, he returns…

SolarStruggle Review

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Redspotgames and Z-Software blow most other indie titles out of the water with what may be the most impressive visual offering in the XBLIG pool. 

Astro Taxi 2 Review

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Hoelkosoft Games is back with a sequel to Astro Taxi which was released last year. Is the return trip worth the price, or is a wasted journey? Read on to find out.

Immunogen Review

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The indie marketplace has a plethora of puzzle and trivia games. Does CNG studios have what it takes to be a worthy inclusion? Continue reading to see whether or not this matching game can beat the rest.

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