Planet Delta review

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Your traditional sphere dropping game sees coloured spheres being dropped from the top of the screen which fall to the bottom, when three or more spheres are touching they are removed from the screen until you clear them all.…

Bomb Disposal Expert review

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Bomb Disposal Expert is a puzzle game based around the childrens game of Simon where you must remember a sequence of flashing lights and then repeat them back to continue. In Bomb Disposal Expert you are faced with a…

Megalopolis Review

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Megalopolis is a Sim City style game where you manage a virtual island in a series of scenarios. The aim of the game is to build housing for your residents, providing them with water and power sources which increases…

Trials HD Review

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Trials HD is the latest in the line of physics based bike games of which many people have lost productivity at work on the Flash game counterparts. Trials HD follows the same basic principle, get your bike to the…

Madballs: Babo Invasion Review

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Madballs first invaded kids bedrooms back in the mid 80’s as collectible foam balls with names such as Screamin Meemie, Skull Face and Crack Head – later renamed to Bash Brain for obvious reasons. Fast forwarding to more recent…

1 vs 100 Beta review

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The Xbox 360 Primetime game 1 vs 100 is now in its fourth week in UK and I thought I would start off my games site with my impressions of the game. 1 vs 100 on the 360 is…

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