Bomb Disposal Expert review

Bomb Disposal Expert is a puzzle game based around the childrens game of Simon where you must remember a sequence of flashing lights and then repeat them back to continue. In Bomb Disposal Expert you are faced with a bomb containing the Simon game, which on completion of the sequence disables the bomb.

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There are four coloured lights, Yellow, Red, Green and Blue, which flash in sequence. You must repeat this sequence to continue, another flash is then added to the sequence. So for example if it flashed Red, Green and Yellow, you would repeat Red, Green, Yellow. A new flash would then be added to the sequence, for example Red, Green, Yellow and Blue which you would have to repeat. This continues until you repeat the sequence incorrectly.

The game is nicely presented with a Windows style menu system which works well with the theme of the game. The game graphics while rather static look good and you can clearly see it is a bomb with the Simon game attached. Music is atmospheric and adds to the tension and while the sound effects are sparingly used, they sound good, for example the heart beat when diffusing a bomb.

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The Career Mode sees a city map where you can choose to play new or previously completed missions to improve your best time which are saved to the local leaderboard. The missions increase in difficulty as you progress through the career mode and are quite challenging, it will take some time for you to beat them all.

The Arcade Mode gives you a variety of options to choose, with difficulties from easy to expert and four game variations; Normal being the normal Simon game, Mirror which mirrors the colour to choose (Yellow = Green, Blue = Red etc), Clockwise rotates the colour one to the right to press (Yellow = Red, Red = Green) and Counterclockwise rotates the colour one to the left to press (Blue = Green, Green = Red). The variations are a good idea and you will definitely need your thinking caps on for them!

A good multiplayer option is included which allows you to play the four game variations with up to eight players locally one after another. I only tried this with two players but I would imagine it could be quite fun with eight friends battling it out for the best times. There are also fifteen game awards to unlock which adds a bit to the lifespan.

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Bomb Disposal Expert was recently reduced to 80 :MSPoints: and at this price it is better value for money. The career and arcade modes will keep you occupied for some time and if you have enough friends the local multiplayer mode could be a winner. At the end of the day it is a Simon clone wrapped with a decent presentation and some good variations. You can download the trial of Bomb Disposal Expert here.


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