Megalopolis Game Token Winner

Thanks to everyone that entered the competition to win a token for a free copy of the Indie Game Megalopolis. There was a mistake with the original question in that it was actually impossible to get the answer by playing the trial game, but you clever lot found out the answer some other way. I changed the original question to one that was possible to answer by playing the trial, so to make things fair I have accepted all correct answers for both the old and new question. Next time I will double check you can get the answer from playing the trial!

And now onto the winner of the token. I had just under 50 entries and each email with the correct answer was numbered in the order they were received. chose number 15 which means that Helen Hodson is the winner, congratulations! Check your email for the token.

Thanks again to everyone that entered, and especially to the developer of Megalopolis for donating the token, you can read my review of their game here. I have some more token giveaways planned which will be a Q&A and also via Twitter so do not forget to follow me at


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