Gerbil Physics review

You may be familiar with the popular flash based version of this game, Gerbils are strategically placed on the screen and your task is to blow up, pull or disintegrate them. Somebody call PETA!

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Gerbil Physics is as the name suggest a physics based game, objects should act in a real life way with gravity and momentum deciding their fate. In this game Gerbils contained in blocks of differing sizes and shapes and must all be moved below the red line to pass the level. A level will have a few blocks of Gerbils to make a tower for example, you must use the supplied bombs to blow up a part of the tower causing instability and hopefully a chain reaction which will cause the tower to topple and all the Gerbils to fall below the line.

There are 24 levels in Gerbil Physics, starting off very straightforward and increasing in complexity as you progress. Along the way new Gerbil block types and obstacles are introduced along with additional tools which you can use. Iron Gerbil blocks for example are heavier thus harder to move, so to combat this you are given a Disintegration tool which allows you to remove the block from the level. A rope is also provided which allows you to pull Gerbil blocks with limited usage.

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Later levels introduce some more thought provoking designs that involve a bit of action as you must time bombs to stop Gerbils hitting other blocks which will cause you to instantly fail a level for example. Another good use of the tools are using a rope on a Gerbil that is flying in mid air to alter its path. On some levels extra tools can be collected by the Gerbils, they are there for a reason so you must carefully set up the bombs to get the right angle and speed to collect them.

Level designs are good and show off the physics and the various block designs and tools usage, the small problem is they can be completed in a couple of hours of play, additional levels or a level designer would have really helped the lifespan of the game. There is some replayability in that the top score for each level is recorded and with bonuses for getting multiple Gerbils below the line in one turn, there is plenty of scope to improve on your scores. You are also awarded a Wipeout medal for completing the level in one turn, I do not think this is possible for every level but it does give a lot of replayability if you are a perfectionist.

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The game is well presented with easy to navigate and clear menus. The graphics look good and are drawn in a cartoon style with little changes to the Gerbils appearance as they are about to be blown up, level backgrounds change throughout the game which is a nice touch. I did not experience any slowdown in the game when a lot was going on, something that is common in other physics based games. The music tracks sound good and works perfectly with the game, one tune in particular (one in the trailer below) had me giggling while blowing up the poor Gerbils 🙂 Sound effects are used well even down to the Gerbils speech as you interact with them.

Despite having only 24 levels which can be completed in a few hours plus a couple more to get the high scores and Wipeouts, Gerbil Physics only costs 80 :MSPoints: which based on the length, challenge and most importantly the fun is worth the price. Gerbil Physics gets a thumbs up from me, blow up some Gerbils right now!

More information as well as the trail and full versions of Gerbil Physics can be found on the Marketplace.


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