Snail Shot Torpedo sets a new twist on the Zombie game theme with Zombie Snails, is it a slick operation or does it leave a sloppy trail on the floor? Read on to find out.

You play the character of Calypso DaVinci, a crazy inventor who has built a Torpedo Slingshot much to the confusion of the islands villagers. One day a wave of Zombie Snails attack from the sea and it is up to Calypso to defend his island.

Snail Shot Torpedo is split into four chapters, the nicely narrated and animated intro and between chapters cutscenes tell the story adding a touch of class to the game. Some thought has been put into the story and it helps, all too often in games you get a bit of intro text and hear nothing about the story again until the end credits are rolling.

You control the Torpedo Slingshot and must aim and fire at the snails which move towards the slingshot, a hit from one of the snails will cost you a life. The slingshot direction is controlled with the joypad to aim and you then hold the fire button depending on how far you want the torpedo to be fired. No crosshairs are given so you must use skill to correctly aim and how much power to use. It starts off a little tricky but you soon get the hang of it and becomes second nature.

Once a number of snails have been dispatched you complete the wave and are presented with a stats screen before continuing to the next wave. After a few more waves you are tasked with defeating an enemy which comes in various guises. There are a variety of Zombie Snails which are introduced throughout the game, the standard snails are not much trouble but soon you will be fighting against faster snails, snails that try to dodge the torpedoes and snails that require to be hit multiple times.

While the snails change throughout the game your slingshot remains the same which I found a little annoying. The game increases in difficulty but you are still limited to three torpedoes before a reloading delay, not great when you are surrounded! There is a power up which comes in the form of a starfish which will destroy one hit snails but they are far and few between.

The four chapters will take a couple of hours to complete upon which the Freeplay mode is unlocked. By the end of the second chapter the game was starting to feel repetitive as apart from the different snails there was nothing new to break it up. The story does keep you interested but some more power ups would have been much better.

The presentation is done very well, as mentioned some good effort was made for the cut scenes. The graphics are also done well, the underwater effects with the shiny sprites works well and give it a nice graphics style. There are a few music tracks which go well with the game and are pretty good to listen to, nothing too over the top so good for background music. The sound effects are used well and there are no problems with annoying sounds, again as mentioned the narration is done very well so top marks there.

Snail Shot Torpedo does cost 400 :MSPoints: which is the high end price of indie games. This was a tricky one to judge because while the presentation, graphics and story are done well the game is actually quite basic and there is nothing much to it which leaves you with a game that can be completed in a couple of hours with little replay value. My advice would be to try the trail and see if you enjoy playing the first chapter, if you want to play more of the same then buy it.

More information on Snail Shot Torpedo as well as the trial and full versions of the game can be found on the Marketplace.

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