Office DisOrders is a satirical game where you learn the ins and outs of office work. So, is the job fun, will it make you want to hand in your letter of resignation? Move forward and find out!

In Office DisOrders, you play the role of Jennifer, a young intern who has been called in to help out. The first thing you’ll notice about the game is the fact that it’s not exactly challenging.  The majority of your time in this game will be spent manoeuvring around a small office atmosphere and performing menial tasks.  There is no real challenge to playing Office DisOrders other than keeping an eye on some meters that measure your level of thirst, hunger, exhaustion, and bladder. Whenever they get low, have some coffee, eat something, use the ladies room, or have a power nap at your workstation. If your meters run empty, a stress bar appears and starts to fill up – if that meter reaches the top before you take care of it, the work day ends and you’re starting the day again. Otherwise, you have no time limits or tasks that can be done wrongly.

All characters in your company are willing to help you out in whatever ways they can, and they often direct you as to what exactly has to be done, and who can help you with that task. Most tasks require a little computer work, form printing, counterfeiting, and theft from other employees, all while dealing with a few strange decisions being executed by upper management. The game allows you to learn the ups and downs of the company is a quick five day work week. Controls are extremely easy – using only the left analogue stick and the A button to perfect all actions. In addition to the simple tasks, the game does offer a variety of satirical humor in the characters text dialogue. However, at some point, the jokes get to the point where they’re not funny any more.

Music and sound effects aren’t thrilling, but the game loops a continuous track while working in the office and sound effects are noticed when drinking coffee, using the microwave, shuffling papers, and during other actions or tasks. All dialogue in Office DisOrders is text-based, which is fine for the type of game. Visually, the game is basic, but it really gives off the office feeling rather well. Basic textures on carpeting and other areas look exactly as you’d imagine you would see in a real office environment. The game uses a cartoony-look, and it looks pretty good overall.

At the end of the week, Office DisOrders is a decent experience, and it will surely give you a few laughs. The game does become tiresome rather quickly though, and you’ll be writing that letter of resignation once the week is over, never to return to the job. Decent graphics, basic sound effects, and about two hours of playtime are offered. For the 80 :MSPoints: – it’s a worthwhile experience, but don’t expect to ever play through again. For more information, check out the Marketplace.

Review by Bryan Tremblay