Inevitable Outcome review

Inevitable Outcome is a top down shooter where you defend yourself against an onslaught of giant slugs. If you are looking for an enjoyable challenge, read on to find out what Inevitable Outcome will offer you.

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First off, Inevitable Outcome is by no means an original idea, but if a formula works, why change it? The game starts you off on a grassy landscape with a pistol and a small flashlight. Almost instantly, you’ll be attacked by giant slugs advancing on your position. You can slowly walk in any direction, aiming with the right thumbstick and opening fire on your enemies. Rather quickly, the day cycle will end and you’ll find your flashlight enables on its own, providing just enough light to see directly in front of you. Combining your unlimited pistol ammunition and your tiny flashlight, you must continue to fight the hordes of slugs attacking from every direction.

It may sound unfair, but that’s why the game has an upgrade system in place. As you kill enemies, you’re earning background experience, and you’ll random have the upgrade window appear. You are allowed to upgrade one stat per time, and there is a large variety to choose from, including your walking speed, flashlight, health, weapon damage, and many more. Besides the upgrade system, weapon and item drops are common as well. You’ll often see a med-pack drop, or a new weapon. As the game offers a variety of weapons as well, it’s great to know that you can hold multiple weapons and switch between them as you see fit. Weapons included in the game vary from your pistol up to lasers, grenades, sub-machine guns, and even a flamethrower – but be  careful, only the pistol ammunition is infinite.

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As the days cycle through, you’ll notice that more slugs begin attacking, some larger and tougher to kill, and others are small and quick – requiring your weapons’ attention right away. Without the proper upgrades, if you’re playing alone – you’re going to have trouble making it past day six. That brings us to  another great part about Inevitable Outcome – 4 player local co-operative play! If you have multiple controllers, you can team up with up to 3 friends. Multiple players are especially helpful during the night cycle, as you can watch alternate directions have better luck at not being attacked by a slug hiding in the pure darkness.

Graphically, the game isn’t stunning, but the textures are suitable and the characters are well-defined. Weapons & item drops are unambiguous as well. In terms of Indie games, you may even consider its’ graphics superior to many other titles in the same category.  In the sound category, Inevitable Outcome falls a little short.  Although the weapons all have their essential sound effects – there is no background music, no haunting noises or whistling winds. As a result, it feels extremely plain and uneventful.

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In the end, Inevitable Outcome is an enjoyable experience, offering us both single player and the local co-operative mode. It’s not Left 4 Dead, but it will offer you  a few hours of fun if you’re playing with friends. In terms of single player, it gets old somewhat quick, but it’s a good title to pick up and play once in awhile. So, do yourself a favor, head over to the Marketplace and try out the demo. If you’re looking to purchase the game, it will set you back 240 :MSPoints: – a worthy addition for you co-op gamers.

Review by Bryan Tremblay.


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