Hard 2 Morrow review

Hard 2 Morrow is a spin-off of a game we all know and love – Pong! We could have gone down the intro route with a pun about it being hard, but that was too easy. The game is here today but will it be Gone 2 morrow? Read on to find out.

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The game allows two players to go head-to-head in an all-out battle, assisted by some items and bonuses. In the single player mode, you can battle against a computer-driven opponent on 3 difficulty levels. Each player can move on a vertical axis and attempt to catch the ball and throw it at their opponent. In these modes, you can earn items to do massive damage on each others’ pipeline, which is basically what you have to destroy to win the game.

This game is much more fun when you have a local friend to play against. The multiplayer offers a variety of modes including HardcoreIIMorrow, PerfectIIMorrow, and SplotchIIMorrow. Depending on the mode, the gameplay has slight variations. With FastIIMorrow, each successful catch causes the energy ball to move faster.  SplotchIIMorrow is the cream of the crop here, and in that mode, each time a player successfully hits the other’s pipeline, a blob of green goo lands randomly on the screen. As the screen begins to fill, it gets harder to see what shot your opponent will make. You have the choice of shooting straight across, or bouncing the energy ball off the top or bottom of the screen, and because of this, it’s easy to catch your friends off-guard.

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You can choose from 4 players, each with slightly different stats, such as power and speed. Unfortunately , there is only the one map to play on, but for the type of game, it’s really all you need. The game uses cel-shading  for its graphics, and it’s really quite beautiful. Each character has nearly the same physical build but the armor varies in color and style. In the middle of the water, water slowly flows between the rocks – and while it doesn’t affect the game in any way, it adds to the game’s style.

Finally, each player’s pipeline has a health bar and a combo bar – build up the combos and you do more damage whenever you successfully hit the opponents pipeline. When the health bar hits 0, both players are brought to face off in a quick contest using the 360 controllers’ face buttons. Press the button combos first and you get a hit on other player.

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Hard 2 Morrow is a fun variation of Pong, but we highly recommend you have the ability for local multiplayer, otherwise it can get repetitive and boring rather quickly. If you have a friend, try out all 5 modes, and the game can be quite fast-paced and intense. You won’t spend hours with this title, but it’s fun to pick up for 10-20 minutes at a time. You can get more info, or grab the demo over on the Marketplace. Hard 2 Morrow will cost you 240 :MSPoints: – not too bad a price if you’re looking for a fun and simple multiplayer game.

Review by Bryan Tremblay


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