YASS Code Competition – Winners!

[UPDATE] The election is now over and has resulted in a hung parliament which is when no party have an overall majority of seats in parliament. As stated in the rules below, if no party is elected then all entries will be eligible and will be picked at random. So the two winners are paul white and Zappletree. Check your emails for the codes.

We have two codes to give away for the Xbox Indie Game YASS. It is a side scrolling shooter with some interesting power ups and great music, you can read our review here.

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As it is election day here in UK I thought we could have a bit of fun and tie it in to the competition. So what we want you to do is vote! To keep things easy you can vote only for one of the three main parties: Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrats. You can vote by replying in the comments with the name of one the three parties you are voting for, for example: ‘My vote is for Labour’. Please remember to include your email address in the correct form field so we can contact you if you win.

The deadline is when the winning party is officially announced which could be as early as tomorrow morning but as it is a close race it could be longer. All entrants that correctly voted for the winning party will be put into a draw and two winners will be picked at random. In the event that no party is elected all entrants will be put into a draw.

This is not meant to be a serious competition so please keep political views out of the comments and any votes for other parties will be deleted.

Rules and Information

– The deadline to submit your entry is until the election party winner is officially announced. The winners will be picked at random from all eligible entries and will be notified within 24 hours.

– Include your correct email address in the field if entering the comment giveaway as this will be used to contact you if you win, the email address is not shown to the public.

– Please only enter once. Multiple entries and using multiple accounts may be banned from this and future competitions.

– Anyone may enter but please remember that the token may not be redeemable if Indie Games are not available in your country. No alternatives will be offered, you can either give the code back to us and we will pick another winner or you can give it to someone else.


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