Abduction Action Review

Cow-tipping. Probing. Senseless murder. With Abduction Action, you’ll get to do all that and more.  Is there more than enough action to keep you interested? Read on and you’ll find out.[singlepic id=1465 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Abduction Action places you in the role of an unpopular and often ridiculed alien, and you’re now in training to be a UFO pilot. The game starts with an optional [yet recommended] tutorial section, allowing players to learn the basic controls and some early strategies for helping to complete objectives. The game presents you with a multitude of tasks such as specific abductions, killing specific types of people, and destroying certain objects.

Missions are well laid out for players, and you can keep track of your status using a section of the on-screen HUD.  Each mission is comprised of multiple objectives, including taking out gun turrets, killing numerous soldiers, and then rescuing your little green friends.  As you progress into the game, missions become more challenging due to increased enemies and their retaliation. Don’t fret, there is a myriad of both items and gameplay strategies to help you complete your missions.

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To counteract heavy gunfire, you can use a very limited (self-charging) boost which both increases your speed and makes you invulnerable to small arms fire for a moment.  Using the tractor beam, you may also using items such as crates to block gunfire, and even drop them on enemies to eliminate them. If you wish, and at times you are required, you may pick up enemies and drop them from high altitude to kill them. When things get too tough, you can drop a flashbang grenade to stun enemies on the ground.

The game also supports some decent graphics, all laid out on a side-scrolling level.  You’ll find trees, rocks, crates, and more, all of which can be picked up and dropped using your tractor beam. Various people travel back and forth in the city, some of which can be abducted, and others who don’t appreciate you too much, as indicated by their gunfire. Each level background varies as well, from farmland, to forests, and even busy towns.

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The soundtrack is pretty solid as well, with a small handful of pieces that play in the background while you’re in-game.  Sound effects are implemented for almost everything in the game, including basic voices for characters, and their phrases differentiate depending on who they are. Personally, the sound of bodies splattering from high altitude quickly became a personal favorite.

Overall, Abduction Action is a solid experience in all aspects and well worth the set price of 80 :MSPoints:. 10 ‘Awardments’ are included to keep you playing for a while, and give you something to work towards besides completing the levels. If you’re interested, we suggest you head over to the Marketplace and you’ll find everything you need.


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