Joe Danger Review

Have you ever felt the need to fly high speed off a ramp and perform multiple back flips on a motorbike? Were you a fan of Evel Kneival or Bart Simpson during his daredevil phase? Did you want to be just like them? If you did, you’ve got a chance to live out your dreams. How do you do this, you ask? It’s simple! Thanks to Hello Games, you can do that and more with their recent PSN release, Joe Danger.

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You take on the role of Joe Danger who is attempting to make a comeback to his former stardom. Joe Danger offers players a lengthy campaign featuring over 20 courses, each requiring multiple runs for various objectives. Beyond that, there’s a fulfilling multiplayer portion where you and a friend can play head-to-head locally in six different modes. To top it all off, the game features a ‘Sandbox Mode’ where players can design and build their own levels, and share them online.

The campaign is built upon different tours, each withholding their own events to complete.  Joe Danger plays in the classic side-scrolling style, similar to Trials HD and Excite Bike, and some levels have various pathways to take. At designated points, you can use switches to go left or right on a course. Also, through the use of the switches, or simply by gaining enough airtime, you can reach new heights  and take the upper pathways where they’re available.  You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled low hurdles and speed bumps too – don’t be afraid, they can be easily avoided by crouching and bunny-hopping.

Joe Danger also features very user-friendly controls, allowing for complete maneuverability while on the track or in the air. You can easily pull off front and back wheelies, perform front  flips, back flips, the superman, and more. If you fly off a ramp or hit a spring, you can use the triggers to conveniently move yourself left or right. This is especially helpful when you’re attempting to collect mini-stars throughout the course. Sometimes you need a little more speed to reach an item or clear a jump safely, you can use a short boost by using the X button. It depletes quickly, but it can be replenished through a quick wheelie or a few flips.

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As we mentioned earlier, most tracks will require multiple runs to complete all the objectives. The majority of the courses have standard goals including beating a time limit, collecting all mini-stars, collecting letters to spell DANGER, or completing a course in a single combo. You’re more than welcome to try for completion of multiple goals on a single run, but the chance of hitting that time limit goal is unlikely if you’re also trying to collect stars.  By completing goals, you’ll earn stars used to unlock other specific events and progress into more difficult events.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to check out the multiplayer portion of the game. However, for those of you that enjoy local multiplayer, Joe Danger features six modes where you can go head-to-head with a friend. Modes include Master Blaster, The Rollcage, The Gauntlet, and a few others.  With the Sandbox Mode, you can create up to 10 tracks, upload them, download them from friends, or play through them yourself. The creation system is slightly similar to that of Little Big Planet, though I personally find it easier. Whether you’ve got a the urge to create your own tracks, the mode is a very welcome addition to the package, and makes Joe Danger even more valuable.

In terms of presentation, Joe Danger is an extremely vibrant title and this is strongly noticeable as soon as you arrive at the main menu. The game adopts a cartoon-style, accompanied by vivid colors for it comical characters and courses. The developers have obviously put a lot of time into polishing the title to the point where it looks and feels perfect.  The soundtrack is upbeat and fun, along with some basic voice work that’s been worked into the game. It’s quite a well-rounded package that looks and sounds great.

Overall, Joe Danger is one of those titles that just puts a smile on your face as its packed to the hilt with content including the single player, multiplayer, and the track creator. If you’re on the fence due to the $15 tag attached, put any worries to rest – you’re not in danger of feeling ripped off.  Joe Danger should offer between 10-20 solid hours of enjoyment with its single player alone, and if you’ve got a friend and an extra controller, you can extend that even more. Head onto the Playstation Store to get right into the action.

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