Defense Grid Resurgence Review & Contest

Hidden Path Entertainment has released all four of their ‘Resurgence Packs’ to breathe new life into Defense Grid. If you haven’t played the game, check out the competition below to win the full game and the Resurgence map packs, courtesy of Hidden Path Entertainment.

Resurgence Pack 1

The first pack contains Service Interruption and Height of Confusion. The first map, Service Interruption is rather small and well contained map, and it will take some strategy and well-placed towers to destroy your enemies. The map features 20 intense waves including some ‘boss aliens’ which take a lot more damage than any other enemy troops. Upgraded towers are a must with this map, as well as proper placement if you even hope to ace this map.

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The next map, Height of Confusion, is a perfectly squared map with no obstacles to work around. Enemies have two points of entry in this map, and it’s a very short line from each entrance to your power cores. You’ll need to carefully place your towers to form blockades on the map, causing the enemy to spend much more time travelling than initially required. High-powered towers such as Meteor Towers will prove useful here as their range covers the majority of the map.  Height of Confusion will take some time though because you’re going to fend off your power cores against 32 waves of enemy troops.

Resurgence Pack 2

The second pack brings Risk Exposure and Roundabout to the table. Risk Exposure is a very challenging map that features 24 waves of enemies with two etrances/exits, and two sets of power cores. One section will require you to weave the towers carefully to create a longer path for the waves to maneuver through. There’s quite a bit of room to build on the outer areas of the map as well, allowing you to cover the other enemies well, provided your middle section towers are engaged with nearby foes. Lots of strategy and upgraded towers are going to be required here.

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The next map, Roundabout, is a massive twisting and turning experience with various levels of height. The map features various pathways for the enemy, though with enough resources you can force them around the outer barrier, but you’ll need to let some through initially to build your resources. Roundabout it very complex, and it requires in-depth strategy to survive all 25 waves. A great challenge is here if you’re looking for it, but if that’s not your idea of fun, you won’t spend too much time on this one.

Resurgence Pack 3

The third pack in the series brings Urban Planning and Tactical Diversion. Urban Planning features two enemy routes, and while it only features 15 waves, you’re going to have to plan carefully to surpass this challenge. The power cores are located in the lower portion of the map, and on the top section. The top section will require immediate attention due to its very short and straight path. You’ll encounter a seemingly endless line of enemy attacking that section, and heavy firepower is required to keep them at bay.

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Tactical Diversion is one of our favorite maps yet. It’s very condensed, but features a moderate challenge. The map is rather small and has only one entrance and one exit so you know where you have to focus on your defenses. The flying enemies take on completely different path, so you’ll need to be prepared for them, but also keep your focus on the main path. The enemy waves get tough quickly here, and because you can really form a path with towers in this map, you’ll need to rely on upgraded firepower. Simple yet challenging, that’s what we like to see!

Resurgence Pack 4

The remaining two maps in the Defense Grid DLC are Kill Zone and Overflow. Kill Zone is an interesting map featuring two routes, and a single grid of power cores in the bottom of the map. Enemies have to travel around and down a long ramp, through small platform that you can form a gauntlet, and once they’ve grabbed the cores, all the way back to the top. It’s a very well laid out map, and there’s lots of room to build towers. The bottom section requires some basic work to build a damaging gauntlet to slow the waves down, while the top can safely focus on long-range weaponry as well as a few close-range towers kill off any stragglers. Very well designed with a moderate challenge if you’re not careful on your timing, a great addition to Defense Grid.

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The final map, Overflow, is another large scale maze requiring some work to make a lengthy route for the enemies. Although it may look complicated, it’s actually quite simple, and provided you get the main points covered quick, the map can be completed quickly for an easy gold medal.  One entire section appears to be rather pointless, depending on your choice of path, but I was able to ignore the entire section north of the entry point, and had no troubles.  Regardless, Overflow and Kill Zone are my two personal favorites in the Resurgence series, and they’re both very well-designed and fun to play.

In the end, do these packs get you back into the game for some worthy entertainment? Definitely! While we can’t grade it in the same sense as a full title, combined, these maps packs deserve 9 out of 10 stars. There’s a lot of variation and each map requires a different strategy to successfully defend your power cores. For the price, you really can’t go wrong – each map pack contains two maps and is available for only 80 :MSPoints: each. Check them out on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.


Thanks to Hidden Path Entertainment, we have two sets of XBLA Defense Grid plus all 4 DLC packs to give away. You have two chances to win, one by the comments and one by Twitter.

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