Gamergeddon Birthday Bash Winners

Here is a summary of all the winners for both days of the Gamergeddon Birthday Bash competitions.

Thanks to everyone that entered the competitions. There can only be 18 winners and the lucky people can be found below.

Also a big thanks to who provided some of the prizes for the competitions. Please visit them for cheaper Xbox Live subscriptions, Microsoft Points, PSN prepaid cards, Wii prepaid cards and loads more. xboxliveuk76 is not only a UK website, they also sell European and US codes.

Day 1 Winners

Competition 1:
BrainBox360 (Physics Edition) – Walter Desmond
BrainBox360 (Physics Edition) – CaptainMurdo
BrainBox360 (Physics Edition) – Davicams44
Bumblicity – DanyDanman
Pac-Man: Championship Edition – jigsawhc

Competition 2:
Avatar Pinball – @FrehleyzComet
Avatar Pinball – @SirKhalid
Catan –  @kvazzy20

Competition 3:
Poker Smash – Ben Sweeney

Day 2 Winners

Competition 1:
Pac Man: CE – Mikko Vayrynen
Runic 3D – Josh

Competition 2:
Poker Smash – @fresh0288
MeetURMatch (Avatar Edition) – @Sogeman
MeetURMatch (Avatar Edition) – @FreakyShadow
MeetURMatch (Avatar Edition) – @frankcastle66
MeetURMatch (Avatar Edition) – @Skrammas

Competition 3:
Catan – @JeffRand

Competition 4:
Quizocalypse – ‘sm’ aka @visionvilla1 on twitter.


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