Fish Listening to Radio Review

Fish Listening to Radio is a new take on the fishing genre. That being said, instead of fishing for fish, you are the fish.  If you ever wonder what it was like in a colorless ocean and were a fish, with pants at times, and thought about going out for a bite to eat; it will change your perspective. Fish Listening to Radio has that simple charm, causal experience, and fantastic musical score in one easy package.

The game starts with a completely colorless environment that fills in colors as you earn points. You are a fish who seeks worms and must protect a boom box that continuously plays a ukulele track. Simple and to the point, you catch fish going down and do not catch the ones going back up or you will be caught. The longer you play the game, it increases the amount of fishing lines that are being dropped in play. The game can be incredibly difficult for such a simple experience. You must prevent the boom box from rising up out of the ocean or it is game over. In order to do this, you bite into the hook just like if it had bait on it, but sometimes there are hooks all over the place that you catch instead.

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The graphics of Fish Listening to Radio are simple and hand drawn. The colors looks very much like crayon, but do not diminish the games overall feel. Sometimes it is the simple that makes this more fun. As mentioned before, the game can get hectic at times because of all the hooks, but if your skilled enough you can view the game in full color with enough points.

The soundtrack of the game consists of one song and some sound effects. The ukulele track is catchy and not at all repetitive as is it should be. You hear the bites of the fish attempting to eat bait and that is as far as the sound effects go.

Fish Listening to Radio supports four players locally on the same screen, basically repeating what is done in single player. Fight for the baits and cooperate to prevent the boom box from leaving the ocean. It is a easy pick up and play experience for any room of four people to play.

Anyone seeking a casual and easy pick up and play experience should go no further than Fish Listening to Radio. For only 80 :MSPoints:, Fish Listening to Radio will get you an awesome song and a fun game play experience.

You can find more information on the game on the Marketplace.


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