Competition: Snoopy Flying Ace: Suppertime of Destruction DLC

Thanks to Smartbomb Interactive, we have three codes to give away for the Snoopy Flying Ace DLC called Suppertime of Destruction on XBLA.

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The DLC for Snoopy Flying Ace includes 2 new aircraft, 5 new Multiplayer game modes, 3 new weapons, 3 new achievements, 11 new pilot costumes and 30 new plane skins. You can read our review of Snoopy Flying Ace here.

The Winners:

The two comment based winners are Ben Turnbull who answered with ‘Joe Gray’ (read below for what it is) and Neil Merschbrock who answered with ‘Steak with anything’. The Twitter based winner is @Domenicasaur. Check your email or DM shortly for your code. Congratulations to the three winners and thanks to everyone else that entered!

How To Enter

NOTE: We have added a new rule to our competitions which is to stop people from entering who do not have an Xbox 360 and/or the game to play the DLC on. We have decided to do this to ensure the codes go to people who own the game and not to people that trade or sell codes. Therefore you MUST include your Xbox 360 gamertag when entering this competition.

Competition 1:

This is a comment based entry for a chance to win two of the three codes. To enter, all you have to do is answer the following easy question by replying in the comments below.

Tell us what your favourite supper time food is.

Don’t forget to add your Xbox 360 Gamertag at the end of your entry!

Competition 2:

This is a Twitter based entry for a chance to win the third code. To enter, you must be following @Gamergeddon and then tweet the following message:

RT @Gamergeddon We have 3 codes for Snoopy Flying Ace DLC to give away. Visit for how to enter. #GG1 (Your gamertag here)

Don’t forget to add your Xbox 360 Gamertag at the end of the message!

General Rules and Information

– The deadline to submit your entry is Saturday 18th September at 6PM UK time.

– You MUST include your Xbox 360 gamertag when entering this competition.

– The three winners will be picked at random and checked that they own Snoopy Flying Ace. If the game is not present on their played list for the gamertag provided, another winner will be picked.

– You may enter both competitions only once. Multiple entries will be disqualified and you may be banned from future competitions.

– If you have won one of our previous competitions you can still enter and be eligible to win.

– If entering the comments competition please include your correct email address in the field as this will be used to contact you if you win. The email address is not shown to the public.

– If entering by Twitter you must be following @Gamergeddon to be eligible to win.

– No alternative prizes will be offered.

– The winners will be published after the competition has ended in an update to this post.


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