Hydro Thunder Hurricane: Tempest Pack Review & Contest [Updated Winners!]

Hydro Thunder Hurricane fans… it’s here! Vector has given us more of what we wanted, and the Tempest Pack is available now on Xbox LIVE. Here’s our thoughts, and a chance to win the DLC for yourself!

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No, we’re talking about pizza pops or anything like that. We’re talking about content – you know, that stuff everybody wants in their games and add-ons. The Tempest pack features three new maps: Atlantis, Castle Von Boom, and the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. Each track is playable in various forms through the race, ring master, gauntlet , and championship modes. Plus, there are three new achievements as well – one expanding on the package collection achievement was part of the original game. That’s not all though! You want new boats? You’ve got it! A handful of new boats  including the Whiplash, Psyclone, and the Vector X are now available, complete with new skins to unlock.


Each track in the Tempest pack varies wildly in terms of style, but they’re all quite fun. Atlantis allows you to soar through narrow passageways and through an underwater tunnel decorated by the oceanic wildlife. Jump into Castle Von Boom and you’ll find yourself in a moat-like  course that functions in a fashion similar to relay races where you backtrack to perform laps. It holds some good shortcuts and jumps, and you’ll have to test it out a few times to get the best times. Finally, we take a visit to the Bermuda Triangle. Massive swelling waves, crashing white-caps, giant  jumps, and even floating landmasses are only a few of the obstacles you’ll need to deal with in this track. If you plan on being number one amongst your friends, you’ll need to master the waves and memorize the shortest distance to the finish line when you visit the triangle.

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So you were on to read about the Tempest Pack, and you saw two items listed. One costs you 400 :MSPoints: and the other is listed as free. What’s going on here? The answer is simple – the free pack allows Hydro Thunder players to play online with other people who have the Tempest Pack, but you won’t be able to access all the new single player events or boats while playing by your lonesome. This isn’t a new trend either, as we also this in Fable II’s “Knothole Island” content. It’s great to have the option, so say thanks for Vector for this!


Having enjoyed Hydro Thunder Hurricane very much when it was released, I was more than pleased with the Tempest Pack. There’s a solid amount of content for the $5 price tag, and it follows suit with its quality design that we also enjoyed in the main game. You’ll spend at least six hours finding the new hidden packages, and earning the medals, unless of course you’re an ungodly skilled person at these games. Plus you’ve got the multiplayer for endless fun with your friends. Head on over to the Marketplace and check it out for yourself!

We’d like to say thank you to Matt Small at Vector Unit for providing a download token to review their content.

Win the Tempest Pack!

UPDATE: The winner for the Twitter-based code was @Davicams and the winner according to for the website code is Kevin Farrell. Codes have been emailed and DM’d respectively. Congratulations to both of you, and check out the next contest going up almost immediately!

Thanks again to Vector Unit for making this giveaway possible!

Vector Unit has been more than kind enough to provide us with a couple tokens for you – the community! We have two codes, one of which we’re giving away through our Twitter account: Gamergeddon

All you have to do is tweet the following:

I want to ride the waves in the Tempest Pack with @Gamergeddon & @vectorunit #GGTempest

For the final code, you just have to make a quick post below and tell us your favorite course in Hydro Thunder Hurricane, and why not tell us why it’s your favorite while you’re at it!

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