Cutouts Review

There comes a time when games become unique and intuitive. They bring a different style of game play or graphics to a tired genre. Cutouts! by Robert Louie delivers a truly different visual presence by making a game look entirely of felt.

Cutouts! is a platformer in disguise of a simple and easy game to beat. The illusion of being easy is shown through the first few levels that start out simple. The obstacles become harder fast as you progress further into the different worlds where things start picking up in difficulty.

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You are an unnamed character going through nine levels across three different worlds.. You perform the usual platforming abilities such as jumping on enemies, picking up “bunny tails” to attack, and evade hazardous areas. Your goal is to survive long enough to reach the end to access the other levels.

The game’s difficulty, thankfully doesn’t come from the game itself, but the player who rushing into the unknown.  If you start speeding through the levels you encounter enemies such as the overly annoying homing bats. The bats are always on the same level as you, so it is best to take it slow. They are very easily dispatched, but for the impatient they can become annoying critters.

To aid you against the paths ahead, you are provided with a hat that acts as a one hit life meter. Once you lose a hat you have to be cautious as another hit means death. These hats can be found on tree branches spread throughout the levels.  Along with the hat, there are buttons that act as coins of sorts and once reached 100 you are granted a life. When you lose all your lives you must start at the beginning of the world ended at.

Cutouts! visuals and music mix together beautifully. The entire game is felt in appearance; your characters to enemies to the backgrounds. This makes Cutouts! a completely new way to visualize a game. Everything blends together very well; the music and levels match the color layouts perfectly. The early levels are simple and charming as the music is soothing. While the later levels get darker and more energetic as with the music bumps up with techno beats.

A major drawback for Cutouts! is that it must be completed in one sitting. It does not save progress and once you leave then reenter the game; you must start from the beginning. Another note worthy component Cutouts! ends when it starts picking up in fun and challenging levels, it is a fairly short game that won’t take the average gamer too many playthroughs to finish.

Aside from the difficulty spike and nonexistent saves, Cutouts! is a visually pleasing and challenging platformer. For only 80 :MSPoints:, you take on an simple adventure through increasingly difficult and vibrant levels. It may be a short platformer, but the experience is hard to forget.

More information on Cutouts can be found on the Xbox Marketplace.


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