A World of Keflings release date and price announced

Name : A World of Keflings
Developer : NinjaBee Games
Publisher : NinjaBee Games
Platform(s) : Xbox 360 (XBLA)
Genre : Simulation
Release Date : December 22, 2010
Price : 800 Microsoft Points
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NinjaBee’s latest game, A World of Keflings, gets a release date and price as well as cross title support with two other games.

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A World of Keflings will be coming to XBLA this December 22nd for 800 :MSPoints:. A World of Keflings will kick off the start of Microsofts ‘Games for the Holidays’ promotion with Raskulls and ilomilo released in the following weeks. Purchasing Keflings will also allow you advanced access to Raskulls and ilomilo. The most interesting news is that the three games are compatible with each other, for example you can build a home for your Raskulls and ilomilo characters in A World of Keflings or play as a Kefling in Raskulls.

Build a robot, rescue the princess, make friends with a dragon and help a creepy witch get even creepier. Take your Xbox LIVE Avatar on a journey through exotic lands while you help the tiny Keflings build and customize their kingdoms! Play with a friend on the same console or with three friends over Xbox LIVE in this story-based, kingdom-building adventure.

The game includes several new key features not found in the first game, namely local-multiplayer, ability to push buildings, upgradable Keflings, musical Kefling cannons, magical kingdom gates that transport players between the different kingdoms of the Kefling world and much, much more. A World of Keflings will be the first game on the Xbox 360 to allow players to bring their avatar props and pets into the game world.

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