We take a look at the best of 2010’s Xbox Live Indie Games releases in our special round up.

Welcome to our special XBLIG Round Up articles covering the best games of 2010. I spent a lot of time going over all of the years releases and have chosen the top two games of each month and a couple of others that you should also take a look at. The choices are my own decision with some help from other XBLIG fans (see here) so I hope that I have not left any out.

2010 has been a great year for Xbox Indie Games, both the number of releases by developers and the coverage by larger games sites has helped the rise in popularity and quality of the games. There will always be a few stinkers (OK a lot!) but if you keep digging you will find some great games and this is what the articles are all about.

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Part One – Covering January to April is just below
Part Two – Covers May to August.
Part Three – Covers September to December.


Space Pirates from Tomorrow

Space Pirates from Tomorrow had a bit of trouble due to bugs which resulted in the developers decision to pull the game shortly after it was released. The bugs were fixed and the game was re-released. Space Pirates from Tomorrow is a space based exploration/trading/shooting game similar to the classic Elite game. The game is massive with an estimated 100+ hours time to visit all the planets found! The ability to trade, explore and fight your way through the game should keep most types of gamer interested. There are still some bugs in the game but overall this is an ambitious game that everyone should check out! Space Pirates from Tomorrow costs 400 :MSPoints: and you can find more information here and our full review here.

Dungeon Adventure

Dungeon Adventure is a dungeon crawler with ASCII style graphics for the retro fans or changeable to more modern looking tiles for everyone else. You explore the dungeons in search of new equipment and gold and battle many types of enemies along the way. There is hours upon hours of gameplay found in Dungeon Adventure with Global Scoreboards to beat and a number of awards to unlock. Dungeon Adventure costs 240 :MSPoints: and you can find more information here.

Other titles worth checking out are Tobe’s Vertical Adventure (Review) and Decimation X (Review).



Rotor’scope is an adventure/puzzle game of great quality. Rotor’scope is made up of block puzzles where you are given the common task of aligning blocks with specific colors, causing them to disappear. In between the puzzles there is a great story driven adventure that reminds me of the Professor Layton series. The game offers 6+ hours of play and can easily be considered a title worthy of a XBLA release. Rotor’scope costs 240 :MSPoints: and you can find more information here and our full review here.

Your Doodles Are Bugged!

Your Doodles Are Bugged! is a puzzle game in which you must draw lines to guide bugs to a magic honey pot. The game uses a sketch style which works really well with the theme of the game which is set in Master Doodler Doodleus’ art studio. There are quite a few levels which will keep you occupied for many hours but do be warned the levels can be quite tricky. There are also local and global leaderboards to compare your level completion times with other doodlers, and once you complete the game there are some unlockable features. The game is great value for money at only 80 :MSPoints:, you can find more information here and our full review here.

Other titles worth checking out are Curling 2010, honestly try it, you wont be disappointed!



MotorHEAT is a cross between Out Run and Burnout in which you play a fast paced driving game in where you must dodge cars as close as possible to gain boost and make it to the next checkpoint before the timer runs out. You only need to worry about moving left and right and applying the boost, everything else is taken care of. The global leaderboards are displayed in the corner during the game so it urges you to try to improve on your best scores. Great 3D graphics and great playability which keeps you coming back for more. This was one of my favourite games of the year so it gets a must buy recommendation from me! MotorHEAT costs 80 :MSPoints: (originally 240) and you can find more information here, our full review can be read here.

By Skaipio – It’s hard to find good racing games on XBLIG but this year there was finally a racer that managed to dry up my eyes because I was staring at the screen so hard in order to avoid the oncoming traffic, pick up the speed boosts and manage to reach the next level in time. MotorHEAT by Milkstone Studios offers gorgeous 3D-graphics on endless highways, an incredible speed rush and the well-known “just one more attempt”-effect, because you want to find out how far you can drive next time and if you can climb just a little higher on the online scoreboards.


Soulcaster is a top down adventure game with some puzzle elements. You play as a Soulcaster who can summon other characters such as an archer for long distance shooting or a warrior for close combat. You must make it through to the exit on each screen by carefully placing your summoned characters so they can safely defeat the attacking enemies. The game takes on a retro theme with NES style graphics that give it a good traditional feel. A really enjoyable game and it should be part of any gamers collection, also check out the sequel released in December. Soulcaster costs 240 :MSPoints: and you can find more information here.

Other titles worth checking out are Dysnomia, West and BlindGiRl.


Pew Pew Pod

Pew Pew Pod is a very enjoyable twin stick shooter with a healthy number of game modes to give great value including the usual arcade and survival modes as well as Waypoint and Think Fast. The graphics look good and the music and sounds are just as fine. The best bit about it is the price of 80 :MSPoints:, a bargain! You can find more information here and our full review here.

Breath of Death VII

What do you get when you mix decades of RPG’s? You get Breath of Death VII, a well received RPG game that parodies many of its predecessors. In this 4 to 6 hour romp you search the world for the secrets of the past along the way battling many enemies in a traditional turn based fight system. The graphics are faithful to the earlier console top down RPG’s and it all works wonderfully well. RPG fans will love this game and at only 80 :MSPoints: it is an essential purchase, we want a sequel! You can find more information here.

Other titles worth checking out are Tunescape (Review) and Quad Force (Review).

That is all for the first part of our look at some of the best XBLIG of 2010. Part two, covering May through to August, can be found here. If you agree or disagree with any of our choices above please let us know in the comments.