Roxio Game Capture shipping soon

Roxio have announced a new video game capture device to quickly and easily record while playing.

The Roxio Game Capture is a USB device that connects between your PC and console such as the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 via Component cables. Other SD capture devices tend to record and display in SD resolutions which to be honest is not the ideal solution, who wants to play the latest games in SD? The Roxio Game Capture goes some way to solve this problem by capturing in 480p but still allowing you to continue playing in HD on your TV. There are of course HD capture cards available but these are more expensive and can create very large video files which can be an issue when uploading to video sharing sites such as Youtube.

[singlepic id=5190 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The Roxio Game Capture costs £79.99 which includes the USB capture device, recording and video editing software and the cables required to get it all connected together. I think it could be a decent trade-off between price, ease of use and quality of the final video compared to more expensive capture cards. The Roxio Game Capture will launch March 24th in UK stores, you can find more information on the homepage here.

Below are two videos showing recorded footage:


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