The Xbox 360 is no stranger to quirky stunt bike games but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for one more.  OSR Unhinged is the latest offering from Riddlersoft who brought you Old School Racer and the game sees you controlling a stunt bike across a range of inventive 2D levels.  So is it time to soar like Evel Knievel or crash and burn?

The aim of the game is to reach the end of the level in the shortest time possible whilst collecting tokens along the way.  The tokens go towards unlocking new bikes whilst the time determines your place on the leaderboard.  If you crash along the way you can either start again or start back at a check point.  You have a boost to help you along, and this is often utilised when collecting the aforementioned tokens, but don’t hold it down too long or your engine will explode!   There are over 30 levels spread across four difficulty levels which require greater things of you.  The obstacles throughout are varied and range from lava pits to spinning pipes and vertical drops; some of which you’ll have to brave if you’re to collect all the tokens.

The game handles well, the controls are quite solid and while simple they still feel in-depth enough so that you feel in complete control at all times.  You have the usual accelerate, brake, boost and directional controls.  There is also a very handy quick reverse as well rather than the more realistic but annoying slow push back.  The vibrating feedback is good as well and comes into play when using the boost too long or when you inevitably crash.

The game’s soundtrack is fine and fits really well with the games style and overall feel.  There are a variety electronic tracks throughout the game and they keep it feeling fresh.  I liked that each time you entered the menu a random track was played meaning you don’t have to listen to the same track over and over whilst navigating the menus. The game’s sound effects themselves are also good and varied which helps to give the game a more professional finish.

Graphically the game is really nice to look at Riddlersoft have gone with a cartoon style, almost hand drawn, look which works really well and suits the feel of the game.  The design of the levels varies and a nice touch is the switching between night and day on the levels which really effects how you play.  The menus look fine too if not a little basic; the only thing that could do with a bit of a tidy up is the leaderboards, mainly because of the poorly chosen font, but this is a really minor niggle.

Overall this really is a great well-rounded game which holds its own in an already impressive genre.  While it might be wackier than it’s competitors it really is a grounded game and is well done. This game really is a bargain at only 80 :MSPoints:, you can download the trial or purchase the full version via the Xbox Marketplace.