Caps4stix Review

My Xbox 360 controller has been through the wars. It started service in Halo 3 and is still in active duty with Homefront. My controller is however looking a little battle worn, the analog sticks have worn away over the years which have resulted in less grip during the heat of battle.

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Caps4stix are exactly what the name suggests, caps for your analog sticks. For £1.95 (US $3.22) you get a pair of caps which cover the top of your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Wii analog sticks. They are made of soft rubber with several bumps (pimples… whatever) around the outside. The caps are easy to fit, taking a second or two each. Once fitted they remain firmly in place as the cap grips underneath the stick. You can remove and reuse them by pulling them off and fitting on another controller.

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The Caps4stix raise the height of the analog sticks, it is only by a small margin of a few millimetres, so it may take a minute or two to get used to the difference if you regularly use your controller. The extra bumps help keep your thumb in position so if you suffer from sweaty hands while playing this should help a great deal. You gain a slightly improved margin of directional movement which helps with minor adjustments for example aiming down the sights of a sniper gun, it feels more responsive. They also protect your analog sticks from wear and tear, I recently purchased the new Xbox 360 Silver controller and have started using the caps on it.

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While Caps4stix won’t make you a better player, they do improve the grip and provide better tactile feedback when used. I was sceptical before trying them but they do work and at only £1.95 for a pair they are a bargain. If you have worn out analog sticks or want to protect a new controller these are ideal!

You can purchase a pair of Caps4stix from Free shipping is included if you are in UK, Worldwide orders have a minimal shipping charge.


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