XJacKer Soniq Rush Gaming Headset Amp Kit announced

XJacKer’s Soniq Rush Gaming Headset Amp Kit announced turns your PC headset into a Xbox 360 compatible headset.

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Most people will have a PC headset laying around, whether it be for calling friends on Skype or playing your favourite PC games while not disturbing others. The Soniq Rush Gaming Headset Amp Kit is a small USB powered unit which allows you to connect the PC headset to your Xbox 360 and features a game audio and chat volume mixer, volume booster and more.

The Soniq Rush Gaming Headset Amp itself is a small, USB-powered stereo audio amplifier capable of 26dBs of amplification to drive even high-impedance headsets. Featuring full dynamic range (20Hz~50kHz), excellent bass response, low distortion (0.2% THD), and 0.4W RMS per channel, the Soniq Rush Gaming Headset Amp amplifies game sounds, voice chat, and in-game music with clarity and fidelity. “I tested this tender little nugget on every set of headphoes I could find, on as many sources as possible, and it delivered” confirms Rick Bassett of Voodoo Extreme.

The Soniq Rush Gaming Headset Amp Kit retails at a reasonable $19.99 and can be purchased at Amazon. The full list of features and specs are found below, visit the homepage at for more details.

  • Turns your existing standard PC headset into a powerful Xbox 360 gaming headset.
  • Boost your pwn mix of Xbox™ 360 game audio and chat to audible and enjoyable levels.
  • Experience up to 26dBs of gain (20X louder) with minimal distotion (0.2% THD).
  • Enjoy full dynamic range (20Hz~50kHz) and excellent bass response.
  • Easily adjustable volume control let’s you game as loud (or as quiet) as you like.
  • USB-powered, no batteries to buy (or throw away) ever!
  • Connects directly to your Xbox™ 360’s audio out, no additional components required.
  • Extra-long 12-ft cable gives you enhanced mobility and distance.
  • Also works great as a headset/headphone amp for PCs/laptops.
  • Made in the USA to be rugged and long-lasting.
  • Fully backed by our 3-year, no-hassle warranty.

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