New Renegade Ops screenshots

Name : Renegade Ops
Developer : Avalanche Studios
Publisher : SEGA
Platform(s) : Xbox 360 (XBLA), PlayStation 3 (PSN), PC
Genre : Shooter
Release Date : September 2011
Homepage :
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Several new screenshots of SEGA’s XBLA, PSN and PC game Renegade Ops are now available to view.

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The madman Inferno has detonated a devastating bomb in the middle of a major European city to demonstrate the power of his new weaponized incendiary composition: L.V.A. (Liquid Volatile Amonescence). Paralyzed from fear of more L.V.A. attacks, the world leaders bow to Inferno’s will and allow him to build an empire without hindrance. Furious by the world leader’s refusal to retaliate against Inferno, General Bryant resigns and takes matters into his own hands. He recruits a team of military specialists from around the globe and forms the Renegade Ops, with the sole purpose of bringing Inferno to justice.

Renegade Ops launches on XBLA, PSN and PC later this year.


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