Xbox Indie Game Round Up – Episode 126

This weeks Xbox Indie Game Round Up includes Motorbike Stunt Agent Julie, Inferno! and Doc Logic.

Below  is our compilation video showing gameplay from all the weeks releases. Please take a look and don’t forget to subscribe to our You Tube channel at Also, don’t forget that the XBLIG Summer Uprising starts tomorrow (22nd), you can read more about it here.

Up next are this weeks releases sorted in a rough order on how good they are over three categories. Trial impressions have been wrote for the Geddon it! category games, the category is a must try and/or buy. Armehgeddon is a category that has some games that are worth considering at least playing the trial to see if you like them, they are by no means bad. The final category, Armageddon outta here!, contains games that are not worth the time and best left alone.

Geddon It!

Motorbike Stunt Agent Julie – 80 :MSPoints: – MarketplaceTrailer

[singlepic id=7642 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Motorbike Stunt Agent Julie is a mix between a motorbike racing game and a twin stick shooter. You play the character of Agent Julie Cevoir who is tasked to kill the evil Dr. Kreutzer. You travel across the landscape on your motorbike, shooting enemy soldiers, tanks and aircraft whilst keeping control of your bike amongst the ramps and cliffs. The story is fairly engaging which was nice to see, a bit of backstory helps keep it interesting. The controls are a little tricky to master but you should get the hang of them within a few minutes of playing. A fun game, and at only 80 :MSPoints: it is one you should check out.


This category has games that are well worth trying if the descriptions interest you. The games are by no means bad, but may lack the quality, design, price or something else that keeps it out the top category.

InfernoInferno! – 240 :MSPoints: – Marketplace

Due to an unexplained freak accident the power plant on TVOD-1 has suddenly gone past its safety point and is nearing meltdown. As a crack member of the Allumanian defence unit, you have been drafted in to pilot a lone ship capable of extinguishing the radioactive core on TVOD-1. Good luck!

Doc LogicDoc Logic – 80 :MSPoints: – MarketplaceTrailer

Doc Logic is a retro styled 2D survival-platformer. Enemies and traps will try to slow you down, but the only thing that can lead to a “game over” screen is the clock reaching zero. Doc Logic contains 8 unique different stages that offer a change in gameplay, and features music from 8 Bit Weapon.

AttanckAttanck! – 80 :MSPoints: – Marketplace

The 80’s super computer has taken over and is printing out an evil ascii army! Command the high tech dot matrix assault vehicle and get ready to kick some ascii in this retro style arcade action title.

Flip N ShiftFlip N Shift – 80 :MSPoints: – MarketplaceTrailer

A match-3 puzzle game where the player can flip colors to their complimentary counterparts and shift gems around the board across 50 levels of increasing difficulty.

CoagulateCoagulate – 80 :MSPoints: – MarketplaceTrailer

A fast-paced, addictive block-drop game. Stack like-colored blobs together and watch them Coagulate to form a larger high-value blob. …But don’t get too caught-up building the biggest blobs: make sure to keep some free space before the screen fills up!

GravArenaGravArena – 80 :MSPoints: – MarketplaceTrailer

GravArena is a fast-paced couch multiplayer shooter set in SPACE. With realistic gravity physics, stunning visuals, and drop-in-anytime gameplay it is the perfect game for you and your buddies.

Armageddon outta here!

This category is for games that you may want to avoid on the reasons of  low quality, bugs, bad design, high price or playability. Some games are still playable but the overall opinion is they are not worth buying.

Nova RemnantNova Remnant – 80 :MSPoints: – MarketplaceTrailer

Fast paced strategic game where timing is imperative for a big score but being swift will increase the challenge. Prove your worth by establishing a large score in survival mode if you can last the onslaught long enough.

Lets Draw and ShareLet’s Draw & Share! – 80 :MSPoints: – Marketplace

Draw pictures and send them to friends and family over Xbox LIVE.


PajamoramaPajamorama – 80 :MSPoints: – MarketplaceTrailer

Pajamorama is a fighting game featuring up to 4 player multiplayer either local or over XBox Live, and gameplay so crunchy you could pour milk over it and eat it for breakfast. Dominatrix librarian pillow fighting in outer space! Bath time soap bubble fights with all your girlfriends! A combo engine so minty fresh, you’ll want to brush your teeth with it. It’s PAJAMORAMA, baby!

Nene minigamesNene minigames – 240 :MSPoints: – MarketplaceTrailer

Join Nene and his friends the week before his birthday. Each day you will have to face new challenges and activities. Unlock all the minigames, play against your friends and show them you are the best.

4th 3D ordered4th 3D ordered (Translated) – 80 :MSPoints: – Marketplace

The rule of this game is like connect four of 3D. Only 2players battle.


Updated Titles

Titles that have received a software update or price change are Combo – red moon rising, Alien Hideout, The Cannon, Honor in Vengeance II, Trailer Park King and invAIders,


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