Day four of the Xbox Indie Game Summer Uprising brings us the futuristic 3D action game T.E.C. 3001.

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T.E.C. 3001 (Tesla Energy Collector) is 3D action single player game for XBOX. You are guiding a robot through a virtual space to collect leftovers of energy for human kind. There are 21 levels and each one of them brings unique challenge to the player. Player will master in guiding a robot (T.E.C.) on level through series of trials and repetitions. Levels are about 1 minutes long, if you don’t make any mistakes.

There is option for changing UI theme in game. You are given 3 basic commands – jump, charge or slide. Use the right combination to get over obstacles and try to collect batteries which represent energy. There are solid and breakable walls, jump platforms, objects which speed you up, objects which speed you down, etc.