Xbox Indie Game Round Up – Episode 133

This weeks Xbox Indie Game Round Up includes Flight Adventure 2, FITS-Fishing in the sea and SteamSunk.

Below is our compilation video showing gameplay from the weeks releases. Please take a look and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel at

Up next are this weeks releases sorted in a rough order on how good they are over three categories. Trial impressions have been wrote for the Geddon it! category games and they are a must try and/or buy. Armehgeddon is a category that has some games that are worth considering at least playing the trial to see if you like them, they are by no means bad. The final category, Armageddon outta here!, contains games that are probably not worth the time unless something sounds interesting to you. Both the Armehgeddon and Armageddon outta here! use the developers game descriptions.

Geddon It!

Flight Adventure 2 – 240 :MSPoints: – MarketplaceTrailer

[singlepic id=8138 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Flight Adventure 2 is a flight simulator featuring (licensed) P-51 Mustang aircraft. You can free fly around the map or race against another plane either locally with a ghost plane or online with a friend. I am far from being a good pilot so I can’t say if the controls are good or not, but I could fly the plane so they can’t be bad. Graphics are nicely done with decent landscapes to explore, both internal and external camera views are possible. This flight sim probably wont be for everyone but if you have an interest in aircraft you should check it out.

FITS-Fishing in the sea – 240 :MSPoints: – MarketplaceTrailer

[singlepic id=8137 w=320 h=240 float=center]

XBLIG has a lack of fishing games so FITS-Fishing in the sea goes a bit of the way to filling in the gap. Up to four players can take part in a fishing competition split over a number of stages. Players take turns to set the bait then cast it, when the float sinks you simply press the A button to reel the fish in. It is very easy to play and should be good fun with some friends. There are around 100 varieties of fish to catch and they are added to the record so there are no excuses for the one that got away 😉 Fishing fans will love the game but I recommend everyone take a look as it is a fun game. 

SteamSunk – 80 :MSPoints: – MarketplaceTrailer

[singlepic id=8142 w=320 h=240 float=center]

SteamSunk is a twin stick arena shooter. The battles take place on the sea and waves of enemies include both sea and air vehicles. There seems to be a good number of weapons and power ups to collect from the wreckage left by enemies including the usual machine guns and the always fun flamethrower. The sea location makes a change from land based combat and is worth a try at least.


This category has games that are well worth trying if the developers descriptions interest you. The games are by no means bad, but may lack the quality, design, price or something else that keeps it out the top category.

Escape The CarEscape The Car – 80 :MSPoints: – Marketplace

Collect items and use your puzzle solving skills to find your way out of this predicament! This is a port of the classic point-and-click flash game featuring new HD artwork and medals!

PixelosityPixelosity – 80 :MSPoints: – MarketplaceTrailer

A new 8-bit styled horizontal shooter! Up to 7 stages of pure shooting action. Ofcourse playing all alone is no fun when you have friends over, so you’re friend can join too! After a run, submit your score to the online and local highscores so you can compete with the world! Try beating the highest score, or even finishing all 7 stages!

There Will Be BrainsThere Will Be Brains – 80 :MSPoints: – MarketplaceTrailer

Bludgeon, bomb, snipe, and slice your way through the undead horde as you go across the USA to save your loved ones and find a cure. 2 different endings, 7 cities, 12 weapons, and literally hundreds of different weapon combinations.

Mega Shooter 11Mega Shooter 11 – 240 :MSPoints: – MarketplaceTrailer

Mega Shooter 11™ is an extremely authentic, retro side-scrolling space-shooter, ala the best 8 and 16-bit space shooters. It features topnotch old-school graphics, a heart-thumping soundtrack, and intelligent game play. Spread over four huge bases with branching pathways, the game features tons of upgrades, hidden levels, enemies, and excessive amounts of replay value.

Armageddon outta here!

This category is for games that you may want to avoid on the reasons such as low quality, bugs, bad design, high price or playability. Some games are still playable but the overall opinion is they are probably not worth buying. Developers game descriptions are used.

Avatar Trivia OnlineAvatar Trivia Online – 80 :MSPoints: – Marketplace

Test your trivial wits against contestants from all over the world! With almost 450 questions and up to 16 players at once over Xbox LIVE, you must answer quickly to prove that your Avatar is the smartest of the bunch!

BlockyBlocky – 80 :MSPoints: – MarketplaceTrailer

Blocky is an addictive 2d arcade style game with an RPG style reward system. Easy to learn with simple game mechanics. As you perform well, you are rewarded with unlocks and currency to buy additional items. The game has two game modes: Retro mode, only one life and try last as long as you can. Waves, a selection of levels with different goals. An easy to play addictive game!

Spell MasterSpell Master – 80 :MSPoints: – Marketplace

You have travelled to the oldest part of the known world where once the Xkoden – the founder race – lived in a great city ruled by the majestic Spell Masters. Called to the village of Kern by your old teacher you must gather the ingredients for your spells, defeat a corrupt and powerful foe, and save the world from an ancient evil. To accomplish all this you must become a Spell Master.

The 1 Zombie GameThe $1 Zombie Game – 80 :MSPoints: – MarketplaceTrailer

Can you survive the zombie onslaught? Tons of weapons, tons of zombies, tons of gore, and tons of fun.


Wirral Railway Garden PlantsWirral Railway & Garden Plants – 80 :MSPoints: – Marketplace

Railway Stations of Wirral: Learn about the railway stations of Wirral in this information & quiz game. Ideal for railway enthusiasts! Garden Plants in Britain: Find out about a selection of nine garden plants in the UK, and take the quick quiz. Bonus Section: The Development of the Passenger Aeroplane: Basic information about the historical development of passenger aeroplanes.

Updated Titles

Titles that have received a software update or price change are CastleMiner, TechAssault, Play As You Go, All the Bad Parts, Urban Micro Racers, Angry Fish and FishCraft,


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