A World of Keflings: It Came From Outer Space – Review


Aliens from the planet, Yurbut (you get it, Your Butt… lolololol) have crash landed in your Kefling world, and are in trouble. Thankfully, they have you to help get them back into space, but, is it worth the price of the phone call home? Read on to find out.

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It Came From Outer Space is a delightful romp back to the world of Keflings. It offers a cute and entertaining story, that will give you some good chuckles at the silly zingers the aliens say. In “Kefling fashion”, you harvest resources to build buildings, that make different resources to build other types of buildings. And so on, and so forth. It’s the same addicting formula that has kept people coming back for more Kefling action since A Kingdom for Keflings unleashed on the XBL Marketplace back in November of 2008. 

For those unschooled in the way of Keflings, let me explain. There are various resources scattered around the land that can be harvested for the raw material, such as sulfur crystals. You can pick up a Kefling and assign them the various harvesting jobs. Just find some resources and plant the Kefling down and he/she will immediately go to work. Then you can assign other Keflings to transport the harvested materials back to the different refineries that you will build along the way. Simply pick up your transport Kefling, drop him on the harvested material pile, then pick him back up and carry him to the refinery that you want him to carry the materials to. If only raising pets and kids were that easy!

As the raw materials are refined into more complex materials, they can then be carried off to other factories to build different materials that can be used to build bigger and more advanced factories and other buildings. Your Keflings will also level up as they gain more work experience, causing them to work faster and more efficiently. There really is a nice depth to how this all works, and I think that is one reason why Keflings is such a fun and addicting game to get lost in and forget about the real world.

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The only real gripe I have with this dlc is that it plays separately from the main game. When I first downloaded it, I jumped right into my main game save and furiously ran around the worlds looking for any signs of alien activity. I soon discovered though, that it was not meant to be. It would have been really awesome if the aliens would have crashed into my main game and the alien technology could have been integrated into my worlds, but alas, you have to play this dlc separately by accessing it from the main menu. 

If you’ve enjoyed A Kingdom for Keflings and/or A World of Keflings, then you will want to play It Came From Outer Space. It will give you a couple of hours of entertainment for a measly four bucks (320 MSP). If you are new to the Kefling experience, I suggest you buy A World of Keflings first, then snag this dlc after you have mastered the ways of the Keflings. It is well worth the price of the phone call to send these aliens back home.

Same great Kefling controls from A World of Keflings.
Alien noire mixed in with the cute, cartoony look from the originals makes a pleasing experience to the eyes.
Music is as catchy as an alien virus!
8Final Score

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