Bang Bang Racing – Car Classes trailer


A new trailer for the XBLA, PSN and PC racing game Bang Bang Racing shows the four classes of car you can take to the tracks.

There is a class for all styles of driver from fast but fragile to slow and strong. What one you be?

  • N-Dura Class: With strong grip, good control and moderate speed, this intro class will bring you up to speed and deliver your first taste of nitro boosting!
  • Evo GT: Faster, greater drift around corners, insane acceleration with even more nitro – mastering these beasts is a bit of challenge.
  • Protech: You’re going to need some wicked moves to conquer these racing machines – don’t forget to use those brakes either, as these babies can move!
  • Apex: Hope you’re ready for the major leagues as these are the fastest cars on the planet – highly agile but also fragile, requiring the tightest control imaginable.


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