Name : Wrecked – Revenge Revisited
Developer : Supersonic
Publisher : 505 Games
Platform(s) : Xbox 360 (XBLA), PlayStation 3 (PSN)
Genre : Racing Action
Release Date : March 28th 2012
Homepage :
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One of my most wanted XBLA (and PSN) games finally gets a release date… March 28th!

Here are some details from the announcement last year.

Wrecked – Revenge Revisted is a sequel of sorts and comes with features you would expect in a more modern racing style game. Car customisations allow players to add their own flair to their vehicles. A Championship Mode offers 24 challenges across four disciplines and a local and online multiplayer mode for up to four players features several different tracks and locations.

With WRECKED, we really want to build on the legacy that MASHED began on the previous generation of consoles, while at the same time bring some truly kick-ass racing and multiplayer action the likes of which racing fans have never seen,” said Pete Williamson, managing director of Supersonic. “After playing the game, we think you’ll see that we succeeded. Moving away from the trappings of standard racing games and putting a focus on all-out carnage and mayhem is what really makes WRECKED a can’t miss experience for fans of multiplayer racing.
Wrecked – Revenge Revisited is due for release on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in Spring 2011. Mashed is one of my favourite local  multiplayer games of all time so I will be keeping a close eye on this one!

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