Xbox Indie Game of the Week: Penny Arcade’s Rain-slick 3

As promised, we are not going to totally abandon Xbox Indie Games, so we are trying something new instead of the monthly Round Up articles.

Our idea is to have a short weekly article covering the best release of the week, though if necessary we will scale it up if there are multiple games worth checking out. We will write a paragraph or two about the game and if a trailer is not available for the game we will capture some footage for it. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for future articles.

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Penny Arcade’s Rain-slick 3 gets the honour of being our guinea pig. Rain-slick 3 is a traditional Role Playing Game from Cthulhu Saves the World developers Zeboyd Games based on the gaming comic strip site Penny Arcade. It features the staff from the site with a classic 16 bit pixel art design and turn based combat, just how I like my RPG’s! The story follows The Startling Developments Detective Agency who receive a mysterious offer and are called in to action to investigate.

Instead of a free roam ‘World Map’ you must follow a path system, think of Mario World, once you enter a location the game opens an area which you are free to navigate. Along the way you uncover the story, meet new characters who have wildly differing classes (Penny Arcade fans will recognise them from the strips) and join your party.

Rain-slick 3 is a great nod to the classic 8 and 16-bit era and from what I have played of the trial version it looks to be packed with story and plenty of humour. You can download the trial version or purchase the full game for 400 :MSPoints: from the Xbox Marketplace or on the Dashboard.



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