Magic The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 Review

Magic 2013 recently launched and we’ve had a chance to sit down with the PlayStation Network version. How does it compare to Magic 2012? Let’s take a look.

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For newcomers [if you still exist], Magic the Gathering is a card game that features various magical creatures which you use to battle other players. Magic 2013 is a fitting game for new players and veterans alike – it’ll hold your hand early on or bring you through a helpful tutorial, but at the same time it can really kick your butt.

This new edition of Magic the Gathering brings new cards to the table, along with another new gameplay mode, Planechase. Counteracting this addition though is the removal of Archenemy mode that made its debut in the 2012 version of the game – no big loss comes from its removal. The standard campaign is of course available and the same can be said for the addictive multiplayer mode. The Planechase mode is pretty fun, and it offers some new features that I haven’t seen in previous versions of the game – you’ll face off against three other planeswalkers and there’s a deck known as the “Planechase Deck” in the middle of the playing field, and this deck can shift you between various dimensions. Cards from the Planechase deck have other effects as well, but most of the other cards have similar counterparts in other decks too.

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As for the new cards in 2013, it’s not just a small handful. There are actually 10 new decks added in this edition, and there’s a pretty good variety depending on how you like to play. I’m partial to the Green deck myself – always have been. No decks really feel overpowered and everything has both strength and weaknesses.

A new rating system has made its way into Magic 2013 as well. Using this system, players can strategically determine how to fight against specific decks, and you can see how many creatures each deck can put at your disposal. This new system is a really great tool for everyone, but specifically for beginners that want a good breakdown of what the decks offer.

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Outside of the removal and inclusion of game modes and the new cards, the core gameplay remains the same in Magic 2013. Use land cards to gain mana, place creatures, enchantments, and whatever else your deck offers up – and take out the opposing player.

The developers already know that they have a winning formula along with a large player base across all available platforms so they’ve stayed true to their roots. Magic the Gathering: Duel of the Planeswalkers 2013 is another solid addition to the magical franchise and it brings some challenging fun to the table for everyone.

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