Indie Games Uprising III – Day 3: Diehard Dungeon

Like dungeon crawling? You may want to check out Diehard Dungeon, the 3rd release in the Indie Games Uprising.

Diehard Dungeon – 80 :MSPoints: – MarketplaceHomepage

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“Welcome to the dungeon.Those (un)lucky few that are chosen,face great richesand great perils.Good luck!”A randomly generated dungeon is created every time you play.Discover the dungeons many secrets and multiple outcomes.Do you have what it takes to survive the dungeon?


The Indie Games Uprising is a nine day independent promotion of Xbox Indie Games, full details can be found at The release schedule is below.

Week 1
Mon Sep 10th – qrth-phyl
Tues Sep 11th – Sententia
Wed Sep 12th – Diehard Dungeon
Thurs Sep 13th – Gateways
Fri Sep 14th – Smooth Operators

Week 2
Mon Sep 17th – Entropy
Tues Sep 18th – City Tuesday
Wed Sep 19th – Xenominer
Thurs Sep 20th – Pixel


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