Review: Magic the Gathering 2013 – Return to Ravnica

Magic the Gathering 2013 received its first expansion pack, Return to Ravnica. If you’re interested in some new cards to expand your decks, it may be worth a look. Of course the DLC offers a little more than just a few new cards – let’s take a closer look.

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For $4.99 on PSN and Steam or 400 :MSPoints: you’ll receive 10 new campaign levels, five new puzzle challenges, five foil conversions, and five deck key add-ons. A few existing cards in the game are apparently tweaked by the DLC to balance out the game as well. The first five campaign levels will appear somewhat challenging if you haven’t already built up your deck by playing previous missions in the campaign, but I would like to think that you’ve put the time into the game if you’re spending $5 now on add-ons for it. Following those levels, the DLC adds five new Revenge Levels that present a much higher level of challenge, and really should only be attempted if you have a strong deck and a decent level of Magic Knowledge. The rewards you can reap are pretty sweet, but it won’t be a simple task.  The final playable piece of this add-on is the five puzzle challenges which add in time-limits and other obstacles that you have to overcome to complete them.

The price point for the DLC is just right – you might it call it a pretty sweet deal. $5 for at least 2-5 hours’ worth of enjoyable card-playing, plus the addition of the new decks and other items to your permanent digital collection is more than fair. You may also be interested to know that new trophies/achievements are also added to the list with this pack. Pick up Return to Ravnica now on PSN, Steam, or XBLA and expand your playing field.

Thank you to Freeform Communications as well as Wizards of the Coast and Stainless Games for providing the DLC to review.


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