DJMAX Technika Tune Review


DJMAX Technika Tune brings the series in the new portable generation with its release on the PlayStation Vita, and it’s said to be nostalgic but also offers an all-new experience at the same time according to reviewers. However, I’m new to this series so this was a completely new experience to me.DJMAX1

DJMAX Technika Tune is a rhythm/music game that features a mix of Asian pop, dance, house tunes and more where you’ll need to hit notes on the touchscreen and rear touchpad to create combos and score big.  It’s got multiple levels of difficulty but it’s definitely recommended that you start on the easiest as this game holds more challenge than anything else I’ve played on the Vita thus far.

Easy mode known at Star Mixing is the simplest way to go and will only use the touchscreen. Some notes just need to be tapped, while others require you to hold your finger on the screen and follow a pattern, it’s pretty basic but some tunes have quite a few notes to hit and you’ll need to be quite fast and accurate to hit a high combo. Each time you hit a note you’ll see your accuracy displayed in the form of a percentage, the higher it is the more points you’ll score. In addition to the points, you’ll also hear the corresponding sounds in the song when you hit a note, and you’ll notice the sound is little off if you miss the note. If you hit a high enough combo you can enable “Fever Mode” which adds an ominous glow to everything and it’ll help you score more points. Do you have a pile of games sitting on your shelves? Why not recycle your games by selling them online at musicMagpie and earn some cash.


As you progress to the harder levels, the game because immensely quite a bit tougher, especially when there’s a bunch of notes to hit on the touchscreen while simultaneously having to do work on the rear touchpad at the same time. You can actually turn off the rear touchpad option and have the notes display on the touchscreen, but I like the challenge of playing the game the way it’s meant to be played. But, after 10 hours of it I’m still playing on the easiest difficulty, otherwise I fail prior to completing the song.

Visually, Technika Tune is pretty stunning and it the music videos included will bombard your eyes with bright colours, pretty Asian girls, and funky anime.  The menus are pretty slick and easy to navigate as well. There’s a whole bunch of options that you can tinker with create fading notes and or change movement direction of the notes on the screen, as well as ways to make a few other small changes to the gameplay.


DJMAX Technika Tune is easy to pick up if you’ve never played it before, but if you really want to be a master there appears to be many hours of gameplay ahead of that goal. $44.99 is definitely worth it if you’re really into music games, but I’d be more likely to jump on this bandwagon at $30. Regardless, Technika Tune is a fun and challenging experience and you can bring it with you anywhere.

Simple to pick up, tough to master, and lots of fun tapping to great Asian music.
Music videos in the game include anime, real cute Asian girls, and some funky colours getting in your face.
There's enough variety in here that you'll definitely enjoy some of the tunes, if not all of them. Pop, House, Trance, and Dance - it's all there and more!
9.5Final Score

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