DLC Quest/Live Freemium Or Die Review

DLC Quest recently launched on Steam after enjoying a lot of success with their Xbox Indie Games version last year. The PC release comes with the original story and the second chapter Live Freemium Or Die, which also launched on XBLIG as a separate game this week.

DLC Quest pokes fun at the sometimes thorny issue of DLC found in games. We can all agree that DLC can go a bit too far; Horse Armour in Oblivion, Capcom’s on-disc DLC and many more. The game style is platform based and you start with a basic game and must purchase the DLC to unlock content such as initially being able to move your character left and jump, through to music and animations.

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The game itself is fairly basic in terms of gameplay. You search the world for coins and bonus DLC packages while performing tasks for some of the NPC’s in the game. One task has you quite literally grinding to progress, 10,000 button presses to turn a wheel or you can purchase the DLC shortcut for instant completion. Everything is tongue in cheek and references a popular meme or game and is fun to get them all.

The story length can catch people out as the game can be completed in a very short period of time, almost over before you can sit down. Let the credits roll and continue the game for more content. Granted it does not extend the game massively, 30 or so minutes in total. But it is fun while it lasts and feels about the right length before things get stale.

Live Freemium Or Die continues the DLC purchasing theme but also pokes some fun at game styles which I thought was a brilliant idea. Like the original game it follows a platform style format, talk to NPC’s, complete tasks, collect coins and DLC packages. The game feels larger and allows the developer to be more creative with the design allowing for a Limbo style black and white level because it is ‘artistic and trendy’, a snow level which requires a ‘Season Pass’ to unlock is some clever thinking on the developers behalf.

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The comedy has upped a few notches with nods and references to games such as zombie sheep doing a great Plants Vs Zombies send up. There is also a reference to the UK Tax break on games which was great timing. The gameplay expands a little with health bars and checkpoints, as you can actually die in the sequel. You won’t die often but there are a few hidden areas with harder jumping sequences to complete which reward you with bonuses.

The second game lasts a little longer, around 40 minutes or so, again continue playing after the credits for more content. Despite the game being set in a larger world it did feel very short and would have liked to see a little more. Like the first, it was a lot of fun to play and the humour was spot on, having me bursting out laughing on a few occasions.

So both games can be completed in around 90 minutes total, it is a little short but the game currently costs just £1.59 (usually £1.99) on PC and the two games are 80 :MSPoints: each on XBLIG, so it is fairly good value for money. If you want an entertaining game that everyone can play then look no further. It would get two thumbs up but I am still grinding that wheel, I refuse to pay for shortcut DLC, so one thumbs up 😉


You can purchase the PC Steam version here. The Xbox versions of DLC Quest here, and Live Freemium Or Die here. Visit the homepage at



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