Evoland 2 – A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder announced

The sequel to the popular RPG Evoland has been announced for PC and Mac.

Evoland 2 Gameplays

Where Evoland was a meta game about the evolution of adventure video games, Evoland 2 is its own complex story with a number of game-changing mechanics. Some familiar aspects will return, such as varying art styles, but these changes will now be driven by the scenario and the player’s decisions. The varying gameplay (from classic real-time RPG to shoot’em up and turn-based tactical battles) will be fully integrated within the game’s storyline, providing new challenges and puzzles that will have unexpected effects on the game world.

All of these features are integrated into what amounts to an epic, chaotic, paradoxical adventure. Filled with its own distinct humour and references to classic games, Evoland 2 is a unique and charming homage to the RPG genre.


Evoland 2 Eras

We reviewed Evoland last year and we found it to be a great nod to the classic console games and RPG mechanics over the decades. You can watch it below and find out more about Evoland 2 here.


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