Sony E3 press conference round up – Part Two

The second part of our round up of news from the Sony E3 press conference.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: Evie Frye Trailer

Mad Max – Eye of the Storm Trailer

Warlord. Tyrant. Monster. Discover the brutal leader atop The Wasteland’s vicious War Boys, Scrotus. Watch the latest trailer for Mad Max – Eye of the Storm.



Wayward Sky E3 Trailer
Wayward Sky is a third person single player adventure game that focuses on atmosphere and storytelling through light puzzle solving designed to ease players into VR. You are Bess, a young co-pilot flying with your father when you crash into a mysterious fortress that emerges out of the clouds. Your father kidnapped and plane in ruins, you set out to explore the flying fortress and rescue your father.

The debut first-person VR adventure from Solfar, in development for Project Morpheus on PlayStation


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