Galactic Conquerors launches on Steam Early Access

The turn-based sci-fi strategy game Galactic Conquerors recently launched on Steam Early Access, here is some info on the game.

Galactic Conquerors is a simultaneous turn-based sci-fi strategy game with tactical gameplay and fast paced, action filled battles. Fight to control planets and resources by mastering different kinds of commanders, units, and their skills in multiple on-going battles in order to overcome your enemies. Orbiting planets and other objects create an ever changing playground for epic battles up to eight players.

Galactic Conquerors

Game Features:

  • Simultaneous turn-based strategy gameplay.
  • Fast action based battles.
  • Immersive sci-fi world
  • Two playable factions (Human and Gramos) with unique commanders, units and skills.
  • Up to 8 player multiplayer games.
  • Cross-platform gameplay


  • User made content (editor)
  • One additional faction
  • More animations
  • Diplomacy to receive advantages over foes
  • Steam achievements and Cloud support
  • Dedicated servers
  • More maps, more balancing and several other features

Find out more on the Steam page here.


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