Beyond Sol Launch Trailer

The action-strategy game Beyond Sol launches on Steam today.

Beyond Sol is the first game by cousins and ex-BioWare devs, Eric Fagnan and Zachary Beaudoin. The game is a unique blend of action combat and grand strategy empire building in a dynamic open world. Players can expect to collect resources, build their city, upgrade their fleet of ships, and cultivate relationships or wage wars with rival cities in a quest to dominate the solar system.

A new class of ship, the fearsome Dreadnaughts, will also be headed into the game today. Dreadnaughts are four times larger than any ships within the game so far, and act as a powerful city killer, with a limit of one per fleet. There will be three options of dreadnaughts to choose from, one from each major corporation within the game.

Beyond Sol will release at $19.99 / £14.99 / €19.99 on Steam, with both single and multiplayer options. You can read more on the Steam page here.


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