Dark Souls III Can Be Played Early… and in English!


Dark Souls 3 is out in Japan, and while most of us have to wait a few more weeks before we can play….unless you have an Xbox One.First off, Microsoft is aware of this loophole so use it at your own risk!


  • You need a Japanese Xbox Point Card to pay for the game digitally (The cost is over 7,000 Yen). This will require buying a point card on a site like – or directly from the Microsoft store in Japan here. Note that while Amazon has an english translation option, you’ll have to use a browser translator like Chrome to navigate the Microsoft store.When you enter your billing information, the page may still read in Japanese – However the second fields under the credit card info (or Paypal) can be filled in with any random street address (use the numbers provided as an example for the first field.

    The second stage will have you login to Paypal, or finish confirming your order. Once confirmed, the page will redirect to your receipt page for the order, which will list the Xbox point code that you can then activate on your console.

  • Enter the Code to add funds to your account. You can redeem the codes at

    Log in and click on the text „ご利用コードを使う“ to enter the codes, and hit confirm. This should update your balance with the correct amount. Note that you need to be on the Japanese version of the site to redeem the codes – click the Change the Region button to do so.

  • Buy the Game on your console. When logged in on your Xbox One, go to Settings > Location: and change the language to Japanese. Reboot the console with these setting saved. On your home screen navigate right to the store – ゲーム – and look for Dark Souls 3, which should be on the front page. You can also search using the magnifying glass icon, with English text.When selecting the Dark Souls object, there will likely be 4 or so boxes, the one should show the price in Yen, click on that box. Now it should show your balance from the code you used, and confirm by pressing the button.
  • Download the Game in English. The Japanese version of the game will automatically start downloading. Back out to your list of games, and stop the download. Now exit out and return to your settings and change the region back to English. Then you should be able to go to the Xbox Store and resume the download in English, since you will have the game license purchased, allowing you to download Dark Souls 3 in English instead of in Japanese.



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