New Final Fantasy XV Details Emerge, and a Release Date!


Final Fantasy: Uncovered is live tonight, and they’ve just confirmed the release date for Final Fantasy XV!
Here are some other new details about the game too.


A Final Fantasy XV origin story called Brotherhood has been created as an anime, and the first episode is available free now. The remaining four episodes will release prior to the launch of Final Fantasy XV, so you can see how the characters met and became friends.

A feature length CG movie entitled Kingslaive is also on the way.  It’ll released before Final Fantasy XV and it’ll be available online to stream/download. Oh, and it’ll star the likes of Lena Headey, Aaron Paul & Sean Bean!

Also, very, very cool… Square Enix and Audi are partnering to create a one-of-a-kind Audi R8 modeled after Final Fantasy XV.

There’ll be a new mini-game available to play based on FFXV, entitled Justice Monsters Five. It’ll be coming to iOS and Android soon.

There’s a new demo in the works that’s being called a Platinum Demo. It’s a separate story from Episode Duscae. It’s not part of the actual FFXV game, but this completely separate demo has a standalone story, offers unique gameplay, and allows you to control Warstrike and use magic.  It looks… odd.  The demo is completely free, you don’t have to pre-order anything to play it.  If you beat the demo, you’ll get a DLC item for the main game of Final Fantasy XV. It launches tonight on both PS4 and Xbox One.

Next up, Final Fantasy XV: Deluxe Edition  has been unveiled. It includes a Blu-ray copy of Kingslaive, FFXV, and some DLC items for the game. It all comes in a Steelbook case.


Then we have the Ultimate Collector’s Edition. It includes a 192 hardcover art book, a specialty soundtrack with music from the game, Kingslaive, and more. Only 30,000 are being made – and you can pre-order is at 12AMEST/9PM PST tonight.

Hajime Tabata takes the stage finally, the director of Final Fantasy XV. He confirms that the leak from earlier is true.

Final Fantasy XV is launching on September 30, 2016. 

Book your days off from work well in advance.


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