The Bunker | REVIEW | PlayStation 4


Developed by Wales Interactive, The Bunker is an FMV “videogame” that puts you in control of John, the lone survivor in an underground nuclear bunker. This entire “game” is presented through FMV scenes, which has potential to be a really immersive experience.bunker1
The whole experience starts out a little slow, even a tad boring I must say. The gameplay is pretty much non-existent which is why I’d call this more of an interactive experience than a game. Aside from the odd quick-timed event, all you have to do is move your cursor around the screen, click on interactive items, maybe read a computer screen or document, and that’s it. Granted, this isn’t an experience that everyone will enjoy, but if you like story-driven games, you might want to give this a try.

The soundtrack and the acting are top notch. Writers associated with works including SOMA and The Witcher 3 have lent their skills to the development of The Bunker and it definitely pulls you in after the first half hour. The soundtrack and just the general sound of emptiness is really authentic as the game was actually completely filmed inside a decommissioned nuclear bunker. Play it with a solid pair of headphones and you’ll appreciate it more than just running with your TV speakers.


It’s hard to really say much more about The Bunker because it’s not really a game and doesn’t have all the same features that I’d normally talk about in a review. I’ve been running through The Bunker on PS4 with a review code provided by Wales Interactive, but I think I’d prefer the game on PC since a mouse is naturally so much faster and more accurate to move around than the cursor via the PS4 controller.

The Bunker is an immersive experience if played right and it really is a cool experience. Unfortunately the whole story is over in just over two hours so it’s basically a feature film length. That being said, for $20 on Steam or PSN – it does feel overpriced for the amount of time you’ll put into it. But, if I try to imagine it from a developer’s perspective, the time and effort that they put in – it’s a fair price to ask. So, it’s really up to you, and your budget and what you are looking to gain from playing The Bunker.


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