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PlayStation VR is here, and with it there’s a legion of new software available as well. Today, we take a look at a new take on an old classic. Rez first came to light in 2002 (USA/Canada) and it quickly won over gamers with its’ VR-like world and rhythmic beats. Can Rez Infinite capture the previous generation and win over new gamers alike?

If for some odd reason you aren’t familiar with Rez, it’s a rail shooter that puts you into a cyber world where you have to take down viruses that are trying to hack your network. Enemies come in various shapes and sizes, some fire projectiles at you, which you have to shoot down before they hit you. Take too many hits and its game over.rezinfinitea

Virtual reality brings the gameplay to a whole new level though. Being able to physically look around you to see enemies and the general level around you helps to make you feel like you’re in the world… but what truly puts it over the top is having your earbuds (or some other pair of headphones that you manage to fit over the VR headset) is the icing on the cake. The sheer sense of immersion is truly unbelievable when you can’t see anything aside from the game all around you, mixed with the heart pounding soundtrack is just sensational.

While Rez Infinite features all the same levels as the previous iterations, except for a revamped ‘Area X’, which truly feels as though it was built for virtual reality. This is probably how Rez was initially imagined, or at least I’d like to think so. When the high definition version of Rez released for Xbox 360 Live Arcade, it was a good step up from the previous Dreamcast/PS2 release, but this “new” exemplification feels like the end of a journey, the final stepping stone if you will.rezinfiniteb

If you’re looking to start your adventure into PS VR with something that will definitely impress you, Rez Infinite is a safe bet. However, be warned that you’re also setting the bar pretty high for other titles. Unfortunately it’s pretty short-lived experience that can be completed under two hours, or even an hour if you’re good, but it’s a game worth playing over and over. If you want to experience total sensory overload, Rez Infinite is easily the best title to own.



It's Rez all over again. It doesn't get any better than this.
The wireframe world really comes to life and it's a visual masterpiece.
Sensory overload. You become one with Rez thanks to its phenomenal soundtrack.
10Final Score


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